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Introduction: What are Telehandler Driver Jobs?

Telehandler driver jobs are a great way to start your career in the transportation industry. As a telehandler driver, you will be responsible for operating and controlling large machines in order to move materials or passengers.


This is a demanding job that requires skills in in force heavy machinery and working under pressure. If you have the desire and the intention to succeed, a career as a telehandler driver is agreed for you. There are many opportunities to find telehandler driver jobs in the United Kingdom. Start by checking out online job boards or newspapers classifieds, or open companies directly if you have specific qualifications that they are looking for.

Once you’ve found a all right position, start preparing yourself for the demanding job interview process. Be determined to make more noticeable your experience operating heavy machinery and discuss how this would ability your skills as a telehandler driver. Remember, success as a telehandler driver depends upon both your being abilities and your capacity to work under pressure.

Job Description: Telehandler Driver Jobs in Hanworth

Job Title: Telehandler Driver Jobs

Contract Type: Temporary

Starting Date: ASAP

Job Location: Harrow_HA1

Salary Rate: £12-14 per hour

How to Find Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

If you are looking for a telehandler driver job in the Hanworth, you will need to check out the websites of various companies. You can also try contacting certain businesses directly to see if they are looking for telehandler drivers.

Some great sources of telehandler driver jobs in the Hanworth include:

-LiftLink Ltd.: This company is headquartered in England and operates across the UK. It offers a variety of services, including installing and maintaining lifts and escalators. It may be able to pay for you a telehandler driver job if you are qualified.

-Gardening Services Group: This company is based in Scotland and provides a broad range of crop growing services, including tree trimming, lawn care, and garden maintenance. It may be intelligent to gift you a telehandler driver job if you are qualified.

-Baxi Group plc.: This company is based in the UK and provides various house services, such as plumbing, electrical work, and home improvement projects. It may be skilled to come up with the maintain for you a telehandler driver job if you are qualified.

How to Apply for Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

Telehandler driver jobs in the UK are a great way to get started in the trucking industry. There are many companies that require telehandler drivers, and all you need is a valid drivers license and good driving record.


To apply for a telehandler driver job in the UK, first locate out which company is hiring. Many companies will publicize their entrance positions online or send out email notifications. Once you know which company is hiring, visit their website and utter the online application form. You will need to provide your resume and any other relevant recommendation requested upon the application form.

After you have submitted your application, you will infatuation to wait for a response. Most companies will gate applicants sharply after they get their application and ask them past in for an interview. If you are well-liked for a job as a telehandler driver in the UK, be prepared to start work entirely soon after your arrival!

What are the Different type of Telehandler Driver Jobs in Hanworth?

Telehandler driver jobs in the UK can range from casual labor to highly proficient positions. Casual labor telehandler drivers may purpose a robot for unexpected periods of time, while highly competent position telehandler drivers may be liable for committed the machine on a long-term basis. There are three main types of telehandler driver job: mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic. Mechanical telehandler drivers produce an effect the machines afterward their hands and use levers and pedals to find movement. Electrical and hydraulic telehandler drivers use controls upon the robot to distress it.

What are Skills and Qualification needed for Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

Skills and qualification needed for telehandler driver jobs in UK vary depending upon the company you decree for. Some companies may require a real driving license, while others may lonesome require a determined level of experience. In order to be thriving in these positions, it is important to have great communication and navigation skills as capably as an covenant of how to take effect a telehandler. Some employers may subsequent to require employees to have a certain level of experience in construction or stifling equipment. In addition, many companies may require workers to have a minimum level of education in order to qualify for these positions.

What are the Duties and Benefits of Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

Telehandler drivers are responsible for moving large equipment and materials around a facility. They must have strong manual dexterity and be able to maintain excellent discipline in order to keep the machinery running smoothly. In return, telehandler drivers can expect competitive pay and benefits packages that include health, dental, and 401(k) plans.

Some of the main duties of a telehandler driver in Hanworth include:

Moving large equipment and materials around a facility.
Maintaining excellent discipline in order to keep the machinery running smoothly.
Competitive pay and benefits packages that include health, dental, and 401(k) plans.

What are the Pros and Cons of Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

The Pros and Cons of Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK, There are many benefits to working as a telehandler driver in the UK.

These include the following:

1. Excellent work/life balance – with most jobs lasting anything but eight hours, telehandler drivers can usually easily fit their work upon their new commitments.

2. Variety – because telehandler driving is a terribly versatile trade, employers can always find new opportunities for you to accept on.

3. Paid holidays – as well as statutory holidays, all UK telehandler drivers are entitled to at least one week’s paid holiday per year.

4. Good pay and wages – while not as tall as some other jobs, telehandler driver salaries are generally good across the board, with overtime afterward being fairly common.

5. Flexibility – owing to the fact that telehandler driving is a labour-intensive job, employers frequently permit for a good deal of flexibility in terms of hours and days off.

What is the Salary of Telehandler Driver Jobs in UK?

The salary for telehandler driver jobs in the Hanworth can vary depending on the company and the location. Entry-level salaries for telehandler drivers typically start at £16,000 per year. However, salaries can increase significantly as a telehandler driver becomes more experienced and skilled.

Benefits of getting recruited through a recruitment agency?

There are many benefits to getting recruited through a recruitment agency. First of all, agencies act as a filter, helping you to find the most suitable job for your experience and skills. They can also help you to build up your career profile, and provide support throughout the recruitment process.

Agency jobs are often more competitive than those offered by employers directly, so using an agency can locate the grant for you a head start in securing the job. Moreover, because agencies deal taking into account a spacious range of companies, they are likely to have get into details for many of the UK’s leading telehandler operators.

Also, agencies can have ample money a more personalized recruitment experience. They can support you to network and build relationships bordering potential employers, which can urge on you to estate the job you want. Finally, agencies often allow better pay and conditions than those on offer from employers directly. This is because they have bargaining power – being competent to chat to candidates to comprehensive employers means that they can gain better deals for their employees.


Telehandler driver jobs are some of the most in-demand roles in Hanworth today and with great reason. Telehandlers use their arms and legs to have an effect upon heavy great quantity contiguously machines, making them a crucial ration of many construction sites across the country. If you have a authenticated driving license and are confident handling a machine upon your own, then a telehandler driver job might be just what you’re looking for. Check out our selection of telehandler driver jobs in UK today to see which is right for you!

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