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Front of House Jobs in Burwood Park

Front of House Jobs in Burwood Park

Front of house jobs in Burwood Park provide individuals with an opportunity to work in a vibrant and thriving community. These jobs are often found in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments where employees interact directly with customers. The front of house staff plays a crucial role in ensuring that guests have a positive experience, and their warm hospitality creates a welcoming atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the various front of house jobs available in Burwood Park and highlight the skills and qualities required to excel in these roles.

1. Front Desk Receptionist

One of the most common front of house positions is that of a front desk receptionist. These individuals are responsible for greeting guests, checking them in and out, and providing information about the establishment and its amenities. A friendly and professional demeanor is essential for this role, as receptionists are often the first point of contact for guests. Additionally, strong communication and organizational skills are vital in order to handle check-ins, answer phone calls, and manage reservations efficiently.

2. Concierge

A concierge is another important front of house position in Burwood Park. This role requires individuals to assist guests with any special requests or inquiries they may have. Concierges are responsible for providing information about local attractions, making reservations for restaurants or shows, and arranging transportation for guests. Strong customer service skills are crucial in this role, as concierges are often required to go above and beyond to meet guest expectations. Additionally, a broad knowledge of the local area and its amenities is beneficial in order to provide accurate and relevant recommendations.

3. Wait Staff

In restaurants and cafes, wait staff are an integral part of the front of house team. They are responsible for taking orders, serving food and beverages, and ensuring that guests have an enjoyable dining experience. Wait staff must possess excellent customer service and communication skills to effectively interact with guests and address any concerns or special requests. Additionally, a good memory and the ability to multitask are key qualities to successfully juggle multiple tables at once.

4. Event Coordinator

Burwood Park is known for hosting various events throughout the year, and an event coordinator plays a vital role in ensuring these events run smoothly. Event coordinators are responsible for organizing and coordinating all aspects of an event, including logistics, vendors, and guest services. This role requires excellent organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, strong attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure are essential to ensure that events are executed flawlessly.


Front of house jobs in Burwood Park provide individuals with an exciting opportunity to work in the hospitality industry and engage directly with guests. Whether it is as a front desk receptionist, a concierge, wait staff, or an event coordinator, each role requires specific skills and qualities to succeed. By maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor, possessing excellent communication skills, and demonstrating strong organizational abilities, individuals can excel in these front of house positions and contribute to creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in Burwood Park’s hospitality establishments.

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