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Front of House Jobs in Chessington


Front of house jobs in Chessington offer exciting opportunities for individuals looking to kick-start a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. These roles require individuals with exceptional interpersonal skills, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for ensuring guest satisfaction. Chessington, located in the leafy suburbs of southwest London, attracts a large number of tourists and visitors throughout the year, making it an ideal location for those seeking front of house positions. In this article, we will explore the various front of house jobs available in Chessington, highlight the responsibilities and skills required for each role, and discuss the potential career growth opportunities in this field.

Front Office Assistant

The front office assistant is often the first point of contact for guests entering a hotel or establishment in Chessington. This role requires someone with exceptional communication skills, as they will be responsible for providing a warm welcome to guests, answering inquiries, and efficiently handling check-in and check-out procedures. Additionally, front office assistants must have excellent organizational abilities, as they may be required to manage reservations, allocate rooms, and handle guest requests promptly and efficiently.


The role of a concierge in Chessington is highly coveted due to the diverse range of responsibilities and the opportunities it provides for building relationships with guests. A concierge acts as a personal assistant to guests, providing information and recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and events. They may also be responsible for arranging transportation, booking reservations, and addressing any special requests made by guests. Exceptional customer service skills, a strong knowledge of the area, and a friendly and approachable demeanor are crucial for success in this role.

Guest Relations Manager

A guest relations manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring a positive guest experience at a hotel or establishment in Chessington. They are responsible for overseeing the front of house operations, managing guest expectations, and ensuring that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. This role requires excellent problem-solving and communication skills, as well as the ability to liaise with other departments to ensure a seamless guest experience. Guest relations managers are also tasked with coordinating special events, managing feedback from guests, and implementing strategies to enhance guest satisfaction.

Restaurant Host/Hostess

The position of a restaurant host or hostess in Chessington requires an individual with exceptional customer service skills and a hospitable demeanor. They are responsible for warmly greeting guests, managing reservations, and seating guests in a prompt and efficient manner. Additionally, restaurant host/hostesses may also be required to assist in the coordination of reservations, manage waitlists, and liaise with the kitchen and serving staff to ensure smooth operations. A good knowledge of the menu and the ability to handle reservation systems are essential for success in this role.


Front of house jobs in Chessington provide an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. Whether it be as a front office assistant, concierge, guest relations manager, or restaurant host/hostess, these roles offer a chance to interact with guests, ensure their satisfaction, and contribute to the overall success of an establishment. The skills and experiences gained in these positions can open doors to various career growth opportunities within the industry. So, if you have excellent interpersonal skills, a passion for customer service, and a desire to work in a thriving tourist location, front of house jobs in Chessington may be the perfect career path for you.

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