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Temporary Handyman Jobs in Kennington

If you are looking for temporary handyman jobs in Kennington, there are ample opportunities available in this vibrant area of London. Kennington is a diverse and bustling neighborhood that attracts a variety of residents and businesses who are in need of skilled tradesmen. As a temporary handyman, you can expect to find a wide range of tasks and projects to work on, from basic repairs and maintenance to more complex renovation projects. These jobs can range from residential properties to commercial buildings, providing you with a diverse and fulfilling experience. To secure a temporary handyman job in Kennington, it is crucial to possess a strong skillset and expertise in various areas such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and general maintenance. It is also important to have good communication and problem-solving skills, as you will often be dealing with different clients and their specific needs. By showcasing your skills, dependability, and professionalism, you can establish yourself as a valuable temporary handyman in Kennington and enjoy a steady stream of job opportunities.


Finding temporary handyman jobs in Kennington can be a great way to earn money, gain experience, and make valuable connections in the industry. The demand for skilled handymen is high in this area, making it a promising location for those seeking temporary employment. In this article, we will explore the various handyman job opportunities available in Kennington, as well as tips for securing these positions. Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, there are plenty of temporary handyman jobs waiting for you in Kennington.

1. Residential Handyman Jobs

One of the most common types of temporary handyman jobs in Kennington is residential work. Many homeowners require assistance with various tasks around their homes, from basic repairs to installation projects. These jobs often range from painting rooms and fixing leaky faucets to assembling furniture and installing light fixtures. To find these jobs, you can advertise your services through local classifieds, online platforms, or even by word-of-mouth. It’s important to establish a strong reputation as a reliable and skilled handyman to secure recurring residential jobs.

2. Commercial Handyman Jobs

Kennington is also home to numerous businesses, providing ample opportunities for temporary handyman work. Commercial handyman jobs can involve tasks such as repairing office furniture, fixing electrical issues, or maintaining the premises. Many commercial properties have ongoing maintenance needs, making it likely that they will require the services of a reliable handyman. Networking within the business community and reaching out to local companies are effective ways to find such jobs. Additionally, registering with handyman service agencies that cater to commercial clients can be a beneficial avenue for employment opportunities.

3. Property Management Handyman Jobs

Property management companies often require the services of handymen to maintain and repair their rental properties. From fixing plumbing issues to conducting regular maintenance checks, property management handyman jobs can provide a steady stream of temporary employment. Building relationships with local property management companies and ensuring they are aware of your availability and skills is key to securing these jobs. It’s crucial to demonstrate to property management companies that you are experienced, reliable, and efficient in handling various maintenance tasks.

4. Event Handyman Jobs

Kennington hosts a range of events throughout the year, from festivals and exhibitions to corporate functions. These events often require handymen to assist with set-up, breakdown, and general maintenance tasks. Event handyman jobs may involve assembling stages, installing temporary fixtures, or providing general repairs during the event. To find these temporary opportunities, consider reaching out to event organizers, joining local event staffing agencies, or following online event job boards.

5. Tips for Securing Temporary Handyman Jobs in Kennington

– Build a strong online presence: Create a professional website or use social media platforms to showcase your skills, experience, and previous work. This will make it easier for potential clients or employers to find and contact you.

– Network: Attend local trade shows, industry events, and join professional associations to connect with others in the handyman industry. Building relationships can lead to job referrals and recommendations.

– Advertise your services: Utilize online platforms, local classifieds, and community notice boards to promote your handyman services. Including client testimonials or reviews can also help establish credibility.

– Offer competitive rates: Research the current market rates for handyman services in Kennington and set your prices accordingly. Offering competitive rates can make you more attractive to potential clients.

– Provide excellent customer service: Show professionalism, punctuality, and reliability when interacting with clients or employers. Going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction can lead to repeat business and positive recommendations.


Kennington offers a plethora of temporary handyman job opportunities across various sectors, including residential, commercial, property management, and events. By utilizing online platforms, networking, advertising services, and providing top-notch customer service, handymen can establish themselves in this thriving job market. Temporary handyman jobs in Kennington not only provide income but also open the door to professional growth and sustainability in the industry. With the right approach and dedication, you can kickstart your career or expand your horizons as a handyman in Kennington.

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