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Packing Operative Jobs in Ottershaw

Packing Operative Jobs in Ottershaw: An Overview

When it comes to job opportunities in the UK, there are various paths you can take. One sector that is constantly in demand is packaging – as companies continue to produce goods, they need skilled people to help package them in an efficient manner. Packing operative jobs in Ottershaw provide one such opportunity, but what exactly does this type of role entail, and how can you secure a position in this industry?

What are Packing Operative Jobs?

Packing operative jobs involve working in packaging and storage facilities, where you will be responsible for preparing and packing goods for transport or storage. This can include loading and unloading items, assembling packaging materials, sorting and wrapping products, and monitoring inventory levels to ensure there is sufficient stock available.

What are the Responsibilities of a Packing Operative?

The specific duties of a packing operative job can vary depending on the employer and industry. However, some common responsibilities include:

– Preparing and packaging products, including labelling and sealing items.

– Operating machinery, such as conveyor belts, shrink wrapping machines, and forklifts.

– Managing inventory and stock levels.

– Keeping work areas clean and tidy, and adhering to health and safety regulations.

– Communicating with other team members, such as supervisors and colleagues.

What Skills are Required for a Packing Operative Job?

Packing operative jobs typically require a basic level of education, such as a high school diploma or equivalent. However, more important than academic credentials are certain skills and qualities that make a candidate suited to this type of work:

– Physical fitness: Packing operative jobs involve a lot of standing, bending, and lifting, so a reasonable level of fitness is needed.

– Attention to detail: Packing and labelling products requires a high level of accuracy to ensure that items are sent to the correct destination.

– Communication skills: Packing operatives need to communicate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and other employees.

– Time management: Working in packaging requires meeting deadlines efficiently, hence time management is crucial.

– Safety awareness: There are many safety regulations to adhere to in packaging jobs, so staying safe and abiding by these regulations is of utmost importance.

What are the Working Conditions Like for Packing Operative Jobs?

Packing operative jobs can be demanding, with long hours spent standing and repetitive tasks to complete. Additionally, these roles are often shift-based, so you may need to work during the night or at weekends. However, the work can be rewarding as it provides the opportunity to work in a team, learn new skills, and contribute to the delivery of goods and services.

How to Find a Packing Operative Job in Ottershaw

If you are looking for packing operative jobs in Ottershaw, there are various ways to find opportunities. Some tips for job seekers include:

– Checking online job boards: Many recruitment agencies and job boards advertise packing operative roles, so look for these sites to find opportunities.

– Networking: If you know someone who already works in the packaging industry, they may be able to inform you of any vacancies and provide you with a referral.

– Contacting packaging companies: If you have a list of packaging companies in Ottershaw, you can directly contact them to enquire about any job vacancies.


Packing operative jobs are an important part of the packaging industry and are constantly in demand as companies continue to produce goods. These roles require individuals with a focus on attention to detail, physical fitness, and excellent communication skills. Ottershaw provides ample job opportunities in the packing and storage sector, and with the right skills and qualifications, a successful career in this industry can be secured.

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