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Catering Assistant Staffing Agency


Catering events, whether big or small, require skilled professionals who can manage the food, drinks, and service with the utmost care. To make such events successful, companies often have to depend on catering assistant staffing agencies. These staffing agencies provide experienced catering staff, including assistants, servers, and bartenders, for every type of catering event. This article will provide insight into the role of catering assistant staffing agencies, their benefits, and the qualities to consider when choosing one.

The role of catering assistant staffing agencies

Catering assistant staffing agencies specialize in providing catering staff, often at a moment’s notice. They source and pre-screen candidates, so clients only have to select from a pool of qualified candidates. These agencies offer catering assistants for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and all kinds of events.

Catering assistant staffing agencies bridge the gap between clients who need catering staff and professionals who are seeking employment. They have a large database of catering assistants, servers, and bartenders who are pre-screened, and some offer training programs to ensure that their staff meets the highest standards.

Benefits of catering assistant staffing agencies

– Efficient process

When clients hand over their staffing needs to a catering assistant staffing agency, they save time by not having to recruit candidates themselves. The agency provides a pool of talented catering assistants, who are already screened, so clients can choose from qualified candidates.

– Flexible staffing solution

If the event’s requirements change, clients can adjust the number and type of staffing they need with just a phone call/email. Catering assistant staffing agencies can accommodate client requests, even up to an hour before the event.

– Professional and experienced catering staff

Catering assistant staffing agencies vet catering assistants and perform comprehensive background checks before adding them to the agency’s database. They ensure that candidates have undergone relevant training, possess relevant experience, and demonstrate an understanding of specific food service industry requirements.

– Cost-effective staffing solution

Hiring catering assistants through a staffing agency can help clients save money in the long run. Clients save on recruitment costs, payroll taxes, benefits, and all aspects of managing the hired staff.

Qualities to consider when choosing a catering assistant staffing agency

– Reputation

The reputation of a catering assistant staffing agency plays a crucial role in the type of services they offer and the quality of catering assistants they provide. Consider an agency with a good reputation, and with whom others in the industry have had positive experiences.

– The number of available catering assistants.

Select an agency that boasts a large pool of qualified catering assistants. A staffing agency with a sizeable database that has been thoroughly vetted can provide better and more customized services than one with a smaller pool.

– Customer service

When clients hire catering assistants, they expect to receive high-quality customer service. When selecting a catering assistant staffing agency, choose one that provides excellent customer service and prompt response times.

– Training

While hiring experienced catering assistants is essential, so too is the training that they receive. An agency that offers ongoing training for its catering assistants can help ensure a better experience for clients and their guests.

– Insurance and liability

Ensure that the catering assistant staffing agency you choose is fully insured and carries general liability insurance. This way, if something happens during the event, clients can avoid being held responsible for any damage or injuries.


For any successful catering event, a team of experienced and proficient catering assistants is a must. A catering assistant staffing agency provides the perfect solution for filling staffing needs. They can drastically reduce the time, costs, and stress associated with the recruitment and employment of catering assistants. By choosing the right catering assistant staffing agency, clients can ensure that their event is handled professionally, efficiently, and economically.

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