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Temporary Staff Agency in Stockport


Temporary Staff Agencies are becoming increasingly popular for organizations to meet their staffing needs without the commitment of traditional employment relationships. In Stockport, there are various Temporary Staff Agencies that provide a wide range of skilled and unskilled workers to businesses. These agencies are beneficial for both employers and employees as they provide flexibility, reduce the workload of the human resource department, and allow workers a chance to gain work experience. This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using temporary staff agencies in Stockport and explore some of the most reputable and reliable agencies in the area.

Benefits of using Temporary Staff Agency

As mentioned earlier, temporary staff agencies provide benefits to both employers and employees. The following are some of the benefits that organizations can gain through using temporary staff agencies.


Temporary staff agencies offer flexibility to organizations that are looking to fill in gaps in their staffing needs. This is particularly useful in cases where a business needs seasonal or short-term workers. Temporary staff agencies are responsive to the business needs of their clients and provide workers for a particular time frame. Therefore, organizations can tailor their staffing needs to meet the requirements of the business.

Reduced workload

The process of recruitment can be time-consuming and stressful. Temporary staff agencies streamline the process of recruitment by providing a pool of qualified individuals that meet the specific staffing needs of an organization. This helps to reduce the workload of the human resource department. The agency performs the interviewing, reference checks, credential verification, and administrative duties, allowing employers to focus on other business operations.


By outsourcing the recruitment process to a temporary staff agency, employers can save on costs that would have gone into recruitment advertisements, administrative functions, and paperwork. The agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with labor laws and providing workers with holiday pay, sick pay, and fringe benefits. Therefore, organizations do not have to provide benefits to these workers, which helps to reduce the cost of employment.

Access to a pool of skilled workers

Temporary staff agencies have a vast pool of skilled and unskilled workers from which employers can choose from. The agency is responsible for screening, training, and placing employees in the right roles. Employers can access a range of workers with different skillsets, experience and qualifications that meet their specific needs. As a result, organizations can maintain a workforce that is versatile and adaptable in the face of different challenges.

Drawbacks of using Temporary Staff Agency

While temporary staff agencies provide numerous benefits to businesses, there are also some drawbacks to using these services that organizations should consider.

Lack of Employee Loyalty

Temporary staff agencies provide workers who are usually not loyal to any particular business. As a result, when the assignment is over, workers may leave, which may affect the continuity of the business. Employers risk losing staff with valuable knowledge about their operation, which may lead to additional training costs when new employees need to be recruited.

Limited Control Over Staff

The employer usually has limited control over the temporary staff provided by the agency. The agency is responsible for placing workers in various job roles and for ensuring that they are adequately trained and qualified to perform the job. However, this may lead to misunderstandings between the employer and the agency, as the talent provided may not adequately meet the business’s specific goals or needs.

Cost of Agency Services

Temporary staffing agencies charge a fee for their services that may not be cost-effective for all businesses. This cost may either be a percentage of the hourly rate of the worker or a one-time placement fee. Employers should consider the cost of the agency fees in comparison to the benefits of using their services.

Best Temporary Staff Agencies in Stockport

The following are some of the most reputable and reliable temporary staff agencies in Stockport.


Adecco is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world, providing temporary workers across various industries. The agency is renowned for providing quality talent that meets the specific needs of the business. The workers undergo thorough vetting and selection processes to ensure that their qualifications, experience, and expertise match the job’s requirements.

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow is an international staffing agency that offers temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to businesses across various industries. The agency provides services that meet the specific needs of businesses, including catering, hospitality, industrial, and office administration. Their workers undergo skills testing and training, ensuring expertise in their respective fields.


Manpower is a global leader in temporary staffing services that offer a range of solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. The agency specializes in industries such as call centers, logistics, retail, and security. Their workers undergo training and skills testing, ensuring that they possess the right skills for the job.


Temporary staffing agencies serve as a vital resource for businesses that need to meet their staffing needs without the commitment to full-time employment. Employers can save on recruitment costs, increase their workforce’s flexibility and productivity, while employees can receive training and experience that can advance their careers. However, employers should consider the costs associated with using these services and the potential loss of employee loyalty. In Stockport, organizations can access numerous temporary staffing agencies that provide quality and skilled workers for different industries.

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